Best business locations for your office space in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is one of the most popular countries in the world regarding business development. Some things that make it attractive for entrepreneurs are the country’s political and economic stability, great location, excellent infrastructure, and almost everyone speaking English, to name a few. So if you want to register a business in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is your best choice.

Fdi’s European Cities and Regions of the Future recognized Amsterdam as the second-best city for investment in Europe. The Dutch capital is futuristic in both infrastructure and business, with a digitalization strategy that will enhance the digital skills of citizens and workers. With over 3500 global companies, Amsterdam confirms its international status as a city that invites business enthusiasts and a culture that welcomes residents from every part of the world.

Some of the biggest companies in the world, like Google, Microsoft, Nike, or Booking, have their headquarters or offices in Amsterdam. These large companies attract workers worldwide, with more than 400,000 people moving to the Netherlands in 2022. In addition, international and local companies are known for giving opportunities to highly skilled migrants, making the Netherlands and Amsterdam great places for business owners and workers.

Why Amsterdam?

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A few benefits set Amsterdam apart from other European cities as a business paradise.

Active international communities

In 2021 alone, 131 new international companies established their headquarters in Amsterdam. This trend keeps increasing and it’s expected to only grow in the upcoming years. In 2022, around 13,000 people moved to Amsterdam due to great job opportunities, life quality, and similar factors. The Dutch government provides various options for workers from any country and business sector to start their careers in the Netherlands. This especially applies to highly skilled migrants that work in deficit niches. Those include:

  • IT;
  • education;
  • health services;
  • advertising;
  • marketing;
  • business and management.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a job in Amsterdam if you aren’t working in one of those niches. On the contrary, plenty of other professions, such as construction workers, plumbers, cleaners, and similar, have a great chance of working in the Netherlands, as those professions are also in high demand.

As so many people have already moved to the Netherlands, they created strong communities where everyone is welcome.

Close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the third biggest airport in Europe. Over 50 million passengers landed at this airport in Amsterdam. And in 2019, that number was over 70 million passengers (the COVID-19 pandemic influenced travel worldwide). This makes the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol one of Europe’s busiest and most efficient airports. Moreover, it’s accessible by road, rail, or sea, making it extremely well-connected to the rest of the country. 

This airport has direct flights to every continent in the world, apart from Australia. So even if you’re from the far East, like Japan or South Korea, or from the far West, like California, you can easily travel to Amsterdam without changing planes. And if you’re from Australia (or traveling to Australia), it’s still effortless to travel from or to Amsterdam. This is because numerous countries close to Australia offer non-stop flights to Amsterdam; hence, only one plane change is necessary.

With countless flights and easy accessibility, the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol makes this city incredibly connected to the rest of the world. This makes it effortless to visit your family abroad, attend business meetings, or travel and enjoy your free time.

Exceptional transport links by road, rail, and air

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It’s clear that Amsterdam’s air travel is exceptional. But what about their rails and roads? Amsterdam and the Netherlands generally have the most sustainable roads in Europe. The travel organization and the “green road” policy make driving effortless and environmentally friendly across the country. In addition, the Netherlands houses 30% of Europe’s electric vehicle charging stations, so if you drive an electric car, you won’t have to worry about finding a charging station – they are all over the place.

If you prefer traveling by train, you’ll be glad to hear that Amsterdam has a modern, affordable, and efficient rail system. It is connected to the entire country, so even if you want to travel to the farthest destination in the country, it will only take two hours. The trains are equipped with screens, charger ports, and Wi-Fi, making them very comfortable for traveling. 

In addition, the trains allow you to take your bicycle with you (except in rush hour). The reason is that Amsterdam is the second most bicycle-friendly city in the world. Cycling is a symbol of Dutch culture, so if you prefer this transportation method, you’ll definitely enjoy Amsterdam’s cycling routes.

Strong economy 

The Netherlands has one of the most competitive economies in Europe, and its capital, Amsterdam, is the country’s business center. Although numerous international companies have their headquarters and offices there, the city is still known for its excellent price-quality ratio. In addition, there’s still more room for improvement regarding its economy and business opportunities.

For example, the Dutch population is one of the oldest in Europe on average. That leads to the conclusion that there are various business opportunities in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the digitalization strategy contributes to possibilities in IT, AI, and other technological advancements. Studies show that more than 50% of Dutch households own at least one pet, meaning that a pet-sitting business is also a great option. It’s also well-known that the Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam, is a very popular tourist location, making their tourist sector one of the most developed and crucial for the country’s economy.

On top of that, international trade and e-commerce, fashion, culture, and construction are all very developed sectors and in high demand for business ideas. The combination of a strong economy and the constant need for improvement is what makes Amsterdam excellent for starting a business.

Talent pool

The workers in the Netherlands are very diverse and hard-working. The government strongly invests in education, making the Dutch the third most educated nation in the world. With numerous universities and education programs, student exchange opportunities, and similar, the Dutch population is always improving their education levels.

With that culture and mindset, the workforce of the Netherlands became very well-organized and reliable for business owners. In addition, as many highly skilled migrants move to the Netherlands, the talent pool is becoming even bigger. They usually come because of a demand from the employer, but switching jobs is also a regular occurrence. That means that there are a lot of workers available that, apart from bringing expertise to your company, can bring:

  • diverse backgrounds; 
  • worldwide connections ;
  • different business model experiences.

Those factors can be a significant contribution to any company. 

Office space best locations in Amsterdam

Although you can’t go wrong when opening an office space in a city like Amsterdam, a few key areas will provide the most benefits. Those include the accessibility of the location, proximity to essential parts of town and institution, and the price-to-quality ratio. 

Arena Poort


Arena Poort is located in the Amsterdam-Zuidoost district, close to the Johan Cruijff Arena, the home stadium of AFC Ajax. Although the stadium is the main attraction of this location, it has enormous potential regarding business opportunities and office spaces.

This locality is well-known for its cultural diversity, with over 130 nationalities among its inhabitants. In addition, it’s very well-connected to the city center, making it easy to get there via car, train, or bike, which would be a 30-minute ride.

Business-wise, it’s very affordable compared to other districts, with the price being as little as €200 per meter²/per year. And as it’s spacious, there’re a lot of options for bigger office buildings.


amsterdam zuidas

Zuidas is a business-oriented district in Amsterdam located in the southern part of Amsterdam between the Amstel River and Schinkel. Its superb location, strongly-built buildings, and digital infrastructure are only a few reasons why Zuidas became such an attractive location for businesses. The Dutch government plans to build one million square meters of offices, amenities, and homes in this district. This means that business opportunities will only increase in this district, and more businesses will open their offices here. Furthermore, it’s easily accessible with any transportation device. 

Huge companies, like Google, ABN AMRO, and the World Trade Center Amsterdam, are located in this locality. Numerous buildings in this area offer office spaces, such as:

  • FOZ gebouw Zuidas;
  • Vinoly;
  • World Trade Center;
  • UNStudio Tower.

These are only a few options, with much more available for renting office spaces. The typical rental rate ranges from €250 to €400 per m2 per year. Based on four-person office space, unit costs range from €1500 to €2500 per month. Workplace costs range from €500 to €900 per person.

Zuidas is considered the most expensive district for office rental prices. But although pricey, the benefits of having an office in this location are countless.


Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Amsterdam Sloterdijk is a large metro junction located in the northwest part of the town. Sloterdijk I is ideally situated between the east and southeast sides of Amsterdam’s urban core and the West and northwest sides of Westpoort, a sizable port and industrial district.

What makes this district very interesting for a business location is the fact that this district is going to grow intensely over the next 5-10 years. This is because the government decided to make large investments in this district. Therefore, the southern part is reserved for households, while the northern part will be filled with business-related structures.

As it’s located around the metro station, every part of the town is easily accessible via train. In addition, numerous hotels and restaurants, bars, and cafes are very convenient for your clients’ accommodation and meeting needs. 

As this district is very close to the city center, and well-connected to every other part of the town and country, its location is strategically impressive. In addition, it’s very affordable compared to some other districts. For example, the average rent of offices in Sloterdijk per m2/year is €200.


Amsterdam Amstelveen

Amstelveen is another excellent option for renting an office space in Amsterdam. It is connected to the city center (and other parts of town) by rail and road, including air traffic for further destinations. It’s located in the southern part of Amsterdam, only 15 minutes away from the city center.

An increasing number of businesses open their offices in this part of town as it’s easily accessible, has an international community, and is the city’s culture and entertainment core. Some of the biggest companies that are located in Amstelveen are:

  • HP;
  • Nestle;
  • Canon;
  • LG, and many others.

Some of the office spaces you can find in Amstelveen include:

  • office buildings;
  • business centers;
  • workstations, etc.

When it comes to prices for renting an office space in this district, it’s around €200-300 per m2/year. So it’s a great combination between comfort and affordability. 

Schiphol Central Business District

Schiphol Central Business District

The Amsterdam Haarlemmermeer is a district close to Amsterdam’s airport, with many business opportunities. The airport’s proximity contributes to its potential, especially with international companies. This also contributes to excellent connectivity with other parts of town. Furthermore, the town center is only around 15 minutes away by car, with various transportation options.

There are a whopping 700 international companies around the area, including:

  • FedEx;
  • OTX;
  • Blue Water Shipping, etc.

The Amsterdam Airport City is also known for 67 business parks and offices in the world’s most sustainable business system. With the ease of reaching your clients and them reaching you from any part of the world, this location also has excellent strategic benefits.

In this district, you can find several office space options, such as:

  • business centers;
  • multi-tenant buildings;
  • office buildings, etc.

Price-wise, the expected amount in the Harleem center is around €300 per m2/year. But if you want to avoid the center, you can expect lower prices.

Business spot

office space

Amsterdam is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe regarding business opportunities and international companies. With a great workforce, a stable and prosperous economy, and worldwide clients that already live in Amsterdam, setting up an office in the Dutch capital could be the move that will add more growth to your business. 

However, moving your company to a new location involves paperwork and administrative procedures. If you don’t have time to handle those, you can opt for services like Dutch Haven that will address all the paperwork needs and guide you through the entire process. In addition, they’ll help you find the best location for your company’s needs and secure your transition with no room for mistakes.

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