Get ahead of the European business center

Move your operations, open a company branch, or build the grounds of your new company in the Netherlands – the center of business affairs in Europe.

Opening a new office
is always risky

Finding a new office place that meets all business conditions sometimes feels like mission impossible.

Contracting reliable quality workers is not an easy task.

Bureaucracy, taxes, laws, language, and culture differences – could impede your progress.

Research and adaptation could take months, a ton of stress, budget, and deadline breakthroughs.

We've been in your shoes

We understand how it feels to come to a new country and get confused, lost, and frustrated with all tax laws, bureaucratic requirements, deadlines, and penalties.

You’re faced with the same obstacles:


Tax and bureaucracy systems are different

than in your home country. You don’t know Dutch, and starting a research terrifies you with a reason.


You don't understand Dutch law

and you’re not sure where to start.


You need to fill out all required paperwork

a countless pile of paper that seems neverending.


This process is neverending

You realize you need to repeat this every year.

There is a constant question of how to do the transit as safely, less costly, and less traumatic as possible.

Get yourself a consultant that will thoughtfully explain all possible solutions to your problems during this process.

Get handy guidance when moving your business

With us it’s:

You get:

The process is easy:

Schedule a meeting with a consultant

Allow us to create a customized plan

Let's execute the plan together

Move, expand or build from the grounds up your company