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Best Business Locations for Your Office Space in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands, right after Amsterdam. It is known for its modern architecture, incredible landmarks, and port, the biggest one in Europe. 

The city has a very international character since it’s a major transport hub with access to millions of consumers across the country and the continent. 

In addition, it’s very easily accessible via any transportation method. These benefits made this city very popular with people worldwide, and it is considered one of the best locations for expats in the Netherlands

 With a large university, rich cultural life, and appealing nightlife, Rotterdam is the first choice for various types of people who can easily fit into its society. However, the most significant benefit of Rotterdam is definitely its business nature. 

Is Rotterdam a business hub?

office space rotterdam

Rotterdam is absolutely a business hub and an excellent location for running a business due to its low operational costs, competent workforce, and innovative mindset.

To determine how much potential a certain city has for running a business, there are numerous factors to consider. Some of those are:

  • proximity to other big cities;
  • accessibility for different transport methods;
  • government support for business innovations;
  • infrastructure;
  • economic conditions;
  • tax rates.

Rotterdam has a checkmark next to all those factors. The key industries are significantly developed, such as gas and oil, health, sciences, clean energy, and technology, to name a few.

This city is located in the western part of the Netherlands, and it’s very close to every big city in the country, like Amsterdam, the Hague, Leiden, or Dordrecht, all within one hour of driving or less.

 Furthermore, it’s exceptionally close to other European business giants like the UK, Germany, and France. With its excellent geographic location, the proximity of a port, and an airport, you can easily access any country in Europe and further. 

Regarding its workforce, the Dutch are the third most educated nation in the world, and almost 95% of their population speak English. This makes the hiring process extremely easy since there are no language barriers and talented workers.

Another thing to consider when starting a business is the country’s tax system. The Netherlands was a long-time tax haven, which made it very appealing to foreign investors. However, they implemented laws that made it lose that status. Still, taxation in the Netherlands offers great benefits to all taxpayers, especially for innovative businesses. 

What are the best business locations in Rotterdam?

When it comes to different types of office spaces, such as shared office space, co working space, serviced office, or if you simply prefer traditional office space, you can find it all in Rotterdam. 

In the following words, we’ll look into different parts of this city and explore their potential for the right fit.

Central business district (CBD) 

Central business district

As the name implies, this is the central part of the town, which is very special due to its history. The central part of the city was destroyed in the Second World War, and it was rebuilt in a very modern way with unique architecture. 

Another thing that this part of town is known for is its business nature. The CBD provides half of all office space in Rotterdam or 1.4 million square meters. As the heart of the city, the Central Business District is extremely well-connected to the rest of the town via metros, buses, and trains. 

Population-wise, it has a large concentration of internationals, especially business people that live and work there. With countless business buildings, you have many options to find a good location for your own. However, since it is the city’s center, and the demand is exceptionally high, it’s on the pricey side.

Kop Van Zuid

Kop Van Zuid

The Kop Van Zuid is in the southern part of Rotterdam. It’s close to the center, and the only thing dividing these two areas is the Erasmusburg bridge. This part of town was built on old port areas, and it wasn’t built long ago.

It’s a relatively small area, and since it’s still pretty young, the buildings there are very new and modern. Some of its tallest buildings suitable for businesses are:

  • De Rotterdam;
  • World Port Center;
  • Montevideo;
  • Maastoren.

Considering its proximity to the center and the modern buildings there (all were built after the year 2000), the prices are still a bit higher compared to other locations. However, it’s cheaper and less crowded than the center.

Rotterdam science tower

Rotterdam science tower

Rotterdam Science Tower is a business building located in the western part of the city in the Makers District. It was built in 1975 as a science tower with 95 meters of height, spreading over 38,336 m². It has 21 floors, each with approximately 1500 m² of office and laboratory spaces. 

Furthermore, it’s filled with meeting facilities and events that help the tenants understand each other’s businesses. So naturally, this giant business tower has a parking garage, cafes, restaurants, gathering spaces, and all other contents you might need to run your business or simply take a break.

Alexander Business Park

Rotterdam Alexander

Rotterdam Alexander is located in the East part of town, right next to the city center. It’s very accessible as it’s close to the Rotterdam Alexander station and the A20 motorway. You can easily reach this part of town with your private vehicle or public transport.

Some of the most popular office buildings in this area can be found at these addresses:

  • Marten Meesweg 25-G;
  • Prins Constantijnweg 40;
  • Schorpioenstraat 298. 

It’s a lively area with a large population, modern buildings, and access to every business-related or personal needs content.

Rotterdam the Hague airport business center

Rotterdam the Hague airport

The Rotterdam airport is another great option for office renting. It’s located in the North part of town, with great accessibility for international clients. But, of course, it’s also well-connected to the rest of the city and the country via any transportation method.

The rental offices in this part of town usually have all-in prices, meaning that the monthly rental fee includes gas, water, and electricity bills. In the airport’s proximity, you can find the following business buildings:

  • Marshalllaan 2;
  • Kalfjeslaan 2;
  • Rotterdamseweg 183;
  • Kleveringweg 13-39.

How much does it cost for an office space to rent in Rotterdam?

The prices of office spaces in Rotterdam will range between 600 and 1000 euros per month, but that’s a very rough estimate.

Things like the age of the building, access to parking spaces, and proximity to important contents are only a few factors that will influence the price. Some building owners will charge per person, while others will ask for a fixed monthly fee.

Generally, the closer you’re to the downtown Rotterdam, the higher the prices. And, of course, accompanying contents will also influence the price.

Why is choosing a location important for office space?

office space location

Choosing a suitable office space location is a critical strategic decision for your business. Here are a few examples of how can business address significantly influence the most important aspects of your business: 

Attracting competent workers

The office location can tell a lot about a particular business. How close is it to other important parts of town? How easy is it to get there? How does the building look? These are the questions that potential workers will ask themselves before applying for a job there. This especially applies to internationals that are more familiar with bigger parts of town.

Growth opportunity

Choosing a good office location means there will always be room to grow and improve. However, if you pick a small space where you can’t expand, you might face issues in the future. Of course, moving to a completely different location is an option, but keeping your address and simply expanding the workspace is a lot more convenient.


Although the Netherlands and Rotterdam are considered very safe environments for their residents, there are a few areas where the crime rates are higher than in the others. With that in mind, choosing a location where you and all your employees will feel safe coming and going from work is essential. In addition, the building you select must be structurally safe and newer if possible. 

Brand identity

Your office represents the reflection of your brand’s quality. This is especially important when getting new clients and keeping the old ones. Therefore, your office space should be in line with your company’s policy and represent your product’s quality.


Being close to supermarkets, restaurants, or cafes is optional, but it can significantly benefit all workers. In today’s world, having a good work-life balance is very important for working people. So when you have these amenities nearby, they will be a lot happier in their workplace, which of course, brings better results.

Rotterdam can be the centar of your business 

workspace rotterdam

Rotterdam is a fantastic city with an international character and various job opportunities; as such, it’s extremely popular with job seekers and business owners. But, of course, since the demand is very high, finding appropriate office spaces has become much more difficult.

If you need help finding the perfect location for your business, feel free to contact us. We’ll ensure that you get an office set up right where you want it with your budget in mind. 

Finding a location and moving your business to a different country brings a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork, which can be very complicated. Leave those to us while you prepare for the next step of your career in the business center of Europe.



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