Assistance Residence Permit

Assistance Residence Permit

If you planning to work in the Netherlands for more than three months, and need assistance with your residence permit, then this service is for you.

Assistance Residence Permit
Assistance residence permit
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Information about: Assistance residence permit

Your employer typically applies for a residence permit on your behalf, although there may be a situation whereby you undertake this yourself. You are exempt if you reside in another EU country, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

Depending on the nature and skill level of the work you are going to do, there are different kinds of residence permits that your employer can apply for.

Once we have understood your personal, and employment situation in details, we’ll be able to guide your application.

For some employers who have been granted a special status, it is possible for the employer to apply for a combined working permit and residence permit.

Price excludes fees (e.g. permits, administration) charged by the relevant issuing authority.

Assistance residence permit

Price on request

Step 1

Orientation discussion

Understand your personal and employment situation

Step 2

Detailed intake

Document your status and identify supporting information requirements

Step 3

Gather information

Gather information needed to support application

Step 4

Submit application

Complete and submit application to IND

Step 5

Repond to requests

Provide additional information if requested by IND

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