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Temporary staffing, recruitment or payrolling, we have you covered. 

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By hiring good employees

Whether you want to expand your company with an additional branch or start a completely new business, we can help you with finding suitable employees.  

Next to that, we can unburden you by taking over your patrolling and employee administration. 

Substitute endless search for a one stop shop at our office. We will help you get started with your company growth. 

Leave recruitment to DutchHaven We will do the search for you

With our extensive netwrok, we can help you attract the best employees for the job, whether it is for long term employment or project-based hires. 

A good recruitment and hiring process, can save you a lot of time, frustration and money.    

Find me the best employer

Areyou looking for a new project or a new job?We are always looking for good candidates. 

please send us a copy of your resume and we will get back to you!   

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