Expat housing in the Netherlands

Expat housing in the Netherlands

Are you currently (or planning to be) employed in the Netherlands as an expat and are you searching for a new home? DutcHHaven is happy to help you. When you’re moving to a new location, or a new country, there can be a lot to arrange. Arrange housing is one of the most important of these arrangements. 

Finding a new home

Our housing services in the Netherlands will start with a detailed, personal intake for each expat. We want to understand your expectations, help manage expectations, get your housing profile just right and explain the rental process.

Expat housing

Our expat housing support service is a joint effort and – together – we’ll make sure you find the perfect rental property in the Netherlands. If you prefer to lean on us, the housing coordination service for expats means we’ll take the load, involving you at key moments during the process. Whichever housing service you choose, we’ll accompany you to the check-in and ensure that an inspection report is provided which will help recover your deposit at the end of your tenancy.


Are you an expat and interested in housing to the Netherlands? Once we're clear on how we can help, we'll create a set of services tuned to your unique requirements. If you’d like to discuss what you need in advance, we’d very much like to hear from you either by phone: +31-6 8145 8608 or email: info@dutch-haven.nl. Please feel free to contact us or take a look at our full services.

Expat housing in the Netherlands
€ 1.200,00 - € 1.950,00
€ 1.950,00
* This price is an estimate
Price on request Excl VAT

Information about: Home Search Coordination with move-in inspection

If you prefer a professional party to completely take the weight of finding a new home off your shoulders, then this service is for you. We will coordinate the entire home search process leaving you to focus on the new job and settling into your new location.

We provide up to 16 hours of our time, starting with a telephone intake to help set realistic expectations and understand the type of home you are looking for.

We’ll look for properties from a range of real estate companies and private property owners. If you find properties you’d like us to review, you are welcome to provide up to 12 links and we’ll contact the relevant broker and discuss your requirements.

Once you confirm which properties you’d like to visit, we will arrange the viewing schedule and accompany you to the viewings. Our consultant will remain on hand to offer expert input on the neighbourhood, property and overall value to support making an informed decision.

After you have selected your new home, we will negotiate your lease conditions and coordinate and accompany you during your move-in. The result of the move in inspection is a detailed report with photos of the current state of your new home. This will help you to get your deposit back at the end of the lease period.

Home Search Coordination with move-in inspection

€ 1.950,00

Step 1

Discuss rental profile

Understand your requirements, create rental profile

Step 2

Identify candidate rental properties

dutcHHaven will create a long list of candidate properties

Step 3


Create planning and accompany client to viewings

Step 4


Negotiate rental terms

Step 5

Rental agreement review

Review concept/final rental agreement

Step 6

Finalise rental agreement

Ensure rental agreement signed by all parties

Step 7

Move-in inspection

Perform move-in inspection

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